Sunday School Share Groups are small groups that meet each Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. We encourage everyone who comes to us to become involved in a weekly SS Share group.

There are several purposes for these groups:


  • To study the Bible together
  • To consider how we might encourage one another in our daily walk with Christ
  • To reach out to others who are not involved in the fellowship of the church
  • To mobilize members to minister to each other during times of special need
  • Most of our fellowships and ministry opportunities are organized through our Sunday School Share Groups
  • Our Deacon Family Ministry is also organized through our SS Share group ministry
  • Each SS Share group has a missionary that they are praying for and communicating with
  • You do not need to be a member of the church to be a member of the SS Share group
  • All church members are assigned to a SS Share group for ministry opportunities and spiritual accountability


Preschool Sunday School Share Groups:


Our Preschool Sunday School Share Groups are a place where teachers who deeply love children can share the truths of the Scriptures in age-graded classes. Sunday School Share groups begin each week at 9:15 a.m.

Worship Services:


During our worship services we provide a safe, secure and sanitized nursery for children up to age 3 years of age. We welcome and encourage your young children ages 4 and up to remain with you for the morning Worship service. 


We strive to minister God’s MERCY in the world of students by developing a partnership with parents and providing a good environment of teaching, fellowship, and discipleship in which our students can participate.

Our Philosophy:


We do not think of our youth and children’s ministry as having a separate existence apart from the rest of the church. We want to make sure that all who attend from the youngest child to the oldest adult senses that they are a part of a larger connected family. However, we do recognize the social need and educational advantages of providing gospel opportunities that recognize the intellectual and social development of people at various stages of life. This is primarily accomplished through our Sunday School Share Groups. We believe that the most important thing in student ministries is presenting the Gospel in a comprehensive way, with the aim of seeing our students become a living display of the Gospel, for their own enjoyment and for the glory of God.

Elementary Students:


We have age graded Sunday School Share Groups for all of our students beginning at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday morning. This Bible teaching time is focused on Christ as he has revealed himself in his Word. Our teachers are trained to be Christ-centered and student oriented as they bring the world of the Bible and the world in which students live together each week. The emphasis is on knowing Christ and applying his word to our daily lives. Most of our teachers have had years of teaching experience in school or church settings. During our Sunday morning Worship service we encourage younger children ages 4 and up to remain with their parents during the Worship & preaching time. We bave special sermon note sheets tto help them stay engaged during this time. 

Middle-School/High-School Students:


We have a combined youth SS Share Group with middle-school and high-school each Sunday morning. We believe it is vital that our students be prepared to face the challenges of a secular culture that question the principles and values of the Christian life. Our desire is to equip students to develop a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and to give them a solid grounding in Christian doctrine, ethics and Biblical content. We seek to do this through an interactive teaching style with a focus on relationships among the students as well as their participation in the larger body of Christ. During our Sunday morning Worship service students in grades 5th – 12th remain in the worship center to hear God’s word proclaimed during our preaching time.


We seek to Minister God’s MERCY in the world by providing the following ministries for Adults:

S.S. Share Groups:


Small groups meet each Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. to study the Bible together and to consider how they might encourage each other in their daily walk with Christ and reach out to others. Fellowship and ministry opportunities are organized through our Sunday School Share Groups.



Personal Discipleship:


Every adult is encouraged to be involved in personal discipleship through our church. This is our T2 (T Squared) Discipleship ministry, because all discipleship should be tranform and be transferable. Through the discipleship process you should be transformed for the purpose of transfering what you have learned to someone else. Those that are interested in participating in a T2 Group are paired up with one or two partners––men with men and ladies with ladies––for a period of one year. During that time, they meet weekly, if possible, to study selected books, to pray, encourage, and be accountable to one another. At the end of the year, those who have been through the discipleship process are then paired with others who are ready to begin in the next year.




Men’s Ministry:


Through a Men’s Leadership Team, we endeavor to provide special events and activities that encourage both personal growth and outreach for men. These opportunities take various forms such as Bible Studies, retreats, camping trips, bowling tournaments, etc.



Ladies Ministry:


The Ladies Leadership Team works together to provide for the personal growth and outreach of our women. Practical ministry opportunities abound as our ladies provide meals for new mothers in the church, organize  baby & bridal showers, and encourage each other in many other ways. This ministry also plans an annual Ladies Tea in the Spring and the Ladies Holiday House in the Fall. All of the ladies events have an emphasis on fellowship, outreach and ministry opportunities. 



Deacon Family Ministry:


Our deacons are here to minister to the practical needs of the families of the church. These men are selected by the church each year and serve a three-year rotation period. They are each assigned a group of families to which they are available for ministry, prayer, and practical assistance. Any member may contact their deacon or the church office for ministry needs or questions as they arise in their family.



Experiencing God in Worship:


At the heart of all that we do is our congregational encounter with God on Sunday mornings where we gather to hear God’s Word and express our hearts to him in worship. The clear emphasis in all of our gatherings is the Word of God. We worship in music through a selective blend of great hymns and choruses that reflect the greatness of God and his gospel. The word of God is preached and taught in expository style with the Augustinian conviction, “when the Scriptures speak, God speaks.”



Ministry Point Sunday Evenings:


Sunday evenings we don't have an organized service at the church. We have our Ministry Points. This is a time set aside for our members to do outreach and to minister to one another. We encourage our members to do visitations, hospital visits, or invite neighbors over for dinner.



Senior Adults minster God’s MERCY in our world through Biblical teaching in the Sunday School Share Groups. The gospel is at the center of our entire Senior Adult ministry by ministering in Nursing Homes, visiting Shutins, or participating in various mission projects.

Wednesday Bible Study:

(We are currently not meeting on Wednesdays due to Covid 19 but plan to resume soon)

A Weekly Wednesday Morning Bible Study at 10:00AM is led by one of our Elders. It is an informal, discussion-oriented time, where people can ask questions and become better acquainted with the Bible, our pastor, Elders and with each other. Everyone is welcome to attend these Bible studies. These studies always focus on the Gospel and its power to shape the church and change our lives.


Senior Adult Events:


We have several ministry opportunities for our Senior Adults throughout the year like participating in the Annual Missionary Event at ECHO & helping with our weekly H.O.P.E. ministry.  Other special opportunities include an outreach bowling tournament and unique holiday gatherings. Please watch the bulletin and newsletters for upcoming events.


As we gather to worship, we desire to experience an authentic encounter with our living God. God is seeking people who will worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23)

The proclamation and explanation of God’s word is the main element in worship. It informs everything else that we do and is God’s main appointed means of building his church. Worship is a personal experience with God in the heart of the believer, but is most often described as occurring in the context of the gathered church (Hebrews 10:25). The best definition of worship that I have found was penned by William Temple:

“Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of the conscience by his holiness; the nourishment of the mind with his truth; the purification of the imagination by his beauty; the opening of the heart to his love; the surrender of the will to his purpose – and all this gathered up in adoration, which is the most selfless emotion of which our nature is capable and therefore the chief remedy to that self-centredness which is our original sin.”

Our worship includes the reading of God’s Word, prayer, preaching/teaching God’s Word, Lord’s Supper, baptism, and singing songs to God (Colossians 3:16). Music is important for praising God as well as for teaching. Our worship song selection includes Psalms (Scripture songs), hymns (songs of bible doctrine), and spiritual songs (songs of testimony and of present Christian experience).

We believe that a wide variety of styles can be used in worship music; however, the emphasis on choosing music for worship should first and foremost be the message of the song – it must be biblical. While the style can vary from traditional to contemporary, the style should compliment the message of the song. When the focus of the music is the worship of God through Jesus Christ, arguments that focus on style are properly seen as matters of preference; in which, mature Christians allow plenty of room for one another.