We strive to minister God’s MERCY in the world of students by developing a partnership with parents and providing a good environment of teaching, fellowship, and discipleship in which our students can participate.


Middle-School/High-School Students:

We have a combined youth SS Share Group with middle-school and high-school each Sunday morning. We believe it is vital that our students be prepared to face the challenges of a secular culture that question the principles and values of the Christian life. Our desire is to equip students to develop a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and to give them a solid grounding in Christian doctrine, ethics and Biblical content. We seek to do this through an interactive teaching style with a focus on relationships among the students as well as their participation in the larger body of Christ.


Elementary Students:

We have age graded Sunday School Share Groups for all of our students beginning at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday morning. This Bible teaching time is focused on Christ as he has revealed himself in his Word. Our teachers are trained to be Christ-centered and student oriented as they bring the world of the Bible and the world in which students live together each week. The emphasis is on knowing Christ and applying his word to our daily lives. Most of our teachers have had years of teaching experience in school or church settings.


Sunday AM Worship:

An extended teaching session is provided for children from 4 years old through 3rd grade following a time of corporate worship with their parents. After the morning offering, these students will be taken to a children’s class to hear a Bible lesson to provide them with the foundations they need in the Bible and behavior to prepare them for a complete corporate worship experience. Some of these younger students may already be prepared to stay with their parents during the preaching time and we would certainly encourage that. Students in grades 3rd – 12th remain in the worship center to hear God’s word proclaimed during our preaching time.


Sunday Evenings:

On Sunday evenings at 6p.m. we have our Ministry Point. This is a time set aside to discuss the morning Worship service message. There are questions provided on the back of the morning handout that will be used to review the morning message. For the Ministry Point we meet in the two story Educaction building in the first classroom on the left. We do not provide nursery for children, they are welcome to join you in the Ministry Point.


Youth Camp, Retreats and Events:

Each year, students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of discipling events, including retreats, youth camp, and other special events. These are not intended to take the place of the regular discipling ministries that the church provides every week, but to supplement them.

Our Philosophy:

We do not think of our youth and children’s ministry as having a separate existence apart from the rest of the church. We want to make sure that all who attend from the youngest child to the oldest adult senses that they are a part of a larger connected family. However, we do recognize the social need and educational advantages of providing gospel opportunities that recognize the intellectual and social development of people at various stages of life. This is primarily accomplished through our Sunday School Share Groups. We believe that the most important thing in student ministries is presenting the Gospel in a comprehensive way, with the aim of seeing our students become a living display of the Gospel, for their own enjoyment and for the glory of God.

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